NEW Euchre Score Cards for 8 Games

When I first started my daytime ladies Euchre group, we were meeting in restaurants and starting with lunch.  As we got to know each other better, some of the ladies have graciously opened their homes to the group and we started having some of our gatherings in homes and having pot luck lunches. Which has been WONDERFUL!!  This is where some of my monthly Euchre themes have come from.

When we meet in homes, we are able to finish lunch earlier than when we meet in restaurants so we have been able to fit in a couple more games in the time that we play. So I created new Player Score Cards and Table Score Cards for 8 games. If you find you have time to fit in a couple more games, click below to print these score cards for your Euchre Tournament or home Euchre card party. They are also available on the Euchre Printables page.

euchre score sheets

Euchre Player Score Card -  8 games

euchre score cards

Euchre Table Score Card - 8 games


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