9/19 Thursday Trivia ... Euchre Quiz

Euchre TriviaFor Trivia Thursday ..... let's test our knowledge of Euchre and take a Euchre Quiz!

This is a 25 question Euchre Quiz that I thought would be FUN to try! It took me about 15 minutes to take. The intent of the quiz is to take a look at your method of play and maybe try a few new things. After you complete the quiz, you will receive a score out of a possible 100 correct and a list of your answers compared with the correct answers. 

Some helpful information (just in case you don't know) before you take the Euchre quiz is the definition of: 1st seat=left hand opponent of the dealer; 2nd seat=dealer's partner; 3rd seat=right hand opponent of the dealer; 4th seat=dealer.

Thanks to OhioEuchre.com for this Euchre Quiz ... Good Luck!! Post a comment after you finish and let us know how you did!

Image from  http://aprimarysingingtime.blogspot.com

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  1. Well after playing Euchre for SO many years, my score was neither great nor awful … I guess mid-range. So there is room for improvement LoL I'm going to review my answers with the correct answers and I'm feeling a follow-up post to this quiz!?!


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