11/21 Euchre ...Trivia Thursday - Euchre Quiz Followup - Question 21

Euchre QuizTrivia Thursday ... followup to Euchre Quiz … Question 21

Have you had a chance to take the Euchre Quiz? If not, click here for my original post t0 first take the Euchre Quiz. This post is a Euchre Quiz Followup with some details for Question 21.

Question 21 was - Your partner picked up the Ace of hearts. First seat leads the 10 of clubs. You take the trick with the only ace in your hand. Third seat follows suit and your partner throws off the 10 of spades. You hold no trump. Assuming you hold one of each of the other three suits, what suit do you lead back?

Euchre Strategy

This is the question that people had the most trouble with ... 71% over all missed Question 21. The key to answering this question is remembering that your partner is the dealer. Being the dealer gave them the chance to discard, thus possibly creating a void in their hand. It's most likely that they have two of the suit they still hold. It's up to you to lead in to their void. You know the dealer is void in clubs, but now the odds are that someone else may also be void giving them the opportunity to over trump your partner. Since your partner played a spade, it is doubtful that they are void in spades. So you should lead a diamond with the hope that this will enable you or your partner to take the trick.

This question addresses the strategy required to play a competitive game of Euchre. You can click here to learn more about Euchre strategy with your partner from OhioEuchre.com.

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