Euchre Events in Metro Detroit Area for 2014

Euchre Events in Metro Detroit
Euchre is VERY popular in Michigan … the whole Midwest in fact! We don't want to forget you Euchre players in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio! Especially during these bleak and cold winter months, we like nothing better than to join with friends or groups to play Euchre and have a few laughs! If you want to join in, I have posted a list of Euchre Events in the Metro Detroit Area on a Tab. The schedule for Euchre Events for the month can always be found at the "Euchre in Detroit Area" tab. New events are usually added each month. If you are in the Detroit area, come and join us for the FUN!!

Here is a video EUCHRE: It's a Michigan Thing

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  1. I was at the Avery Fisher Place last week. And, I would say, this place is about a thousand times better! This place has one aspect that is missing at Avery Fisher. And that is acoustics.


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