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It will probably come as no surprise that I LOVE to play Euchre!! 
I learned to play Euchre as a teen and have enjoyed it ever since …

How did I end up with this blog?  I was working part-time a few years ago and I wanted to play Euchre during one of my days off, but couldn’t find a group in my area …. so I decided to start one!?!  It has been a HUGE success!!  We have about 50 ladies and a group of us play two afternoons a month and have a BLAST!!
Since I have all the materials and host Euchre events, a friend encouraged me to start this blog to help others who might want to start a group and don’t know where to begin … or who want to have a Euchre tournament (perhaps as a fundraiser) … or who just want to have a card party at their home for friends ... so I did :-)

Happy Playing,


  1. You mention in your rules that a quarter is added to the jar if a person is euchred? What is that? We have played that if you say 'I'm going alone' then you place a quarter in the jar. At the end of the evening, the last person to WIN the last alone hand takes the pot...

    1. A "euchre" is when a person calls trump and then does not take at least 3 tricks. That can happen either on a regular hand or a loner hand. That is a new variation - sounds fun! There are so many different "twists" that can be added to the game. Thanks for sharing.


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