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Euchre Tournament

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  1. Can you consider a link to PlayOK online euchre?

  2. I'm a newbie player. So let me first say, I play with a couple of friends. My problem is: I am hosting a banquet for a bunch of pool players 120 of them. I'm having cornhole and yard yahtzee tournaments for the outdoorsy types and want to do a euchre tourney inside for those who wold prefer it. I'm looking at your print outs and will be using them, but how do I know which ones to use? I have NEVER played in a tourney before so I don't know how many rounds to play and if I can just limit the number of players based on what I print up. (16 players would be the max, I think) I'm just trying to figure out the 'simplest' way to do something I've NEVER done myself or seen done. Help!!!!

    1. I am happy to help you figure this out!

      Things on my website are more suited for a smaller group Euchre tournament rather than a large group, but some things can be used. I would start with How to Run a Euchre Tournament to get an idea (although you won't be using the rotation charts)

      For a large group, I would assign everyone a player number. Then rather than using the player score cards, I would recommend having table score sheets that get turned in after each game. Then you would record the scores for each player on a main score board or on a computer (I have seen both work very well). I don't have this type of table score sheet on my site but I would be happy to do one for you if needed. 

      Usually players will play for themselves and won't have to have a partner. For a larger group, I would suggest you assign partners by using cards. Here are some other options:

      Since you’ve never been to a tourney, I think it would be helpful to attend one to see how things are run. You can email me at for other questions you may have - I am happy to help! 


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