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EuchreFun is having a FUN Euchre Ideas Giveaway and you can enter!! Do you have a FUN idea that can be part of a Euchre Tournament or home Euchre Card Party? Click on the link below and enter the giveaway!!

Here is an example of an idea ... In some of the Euchre groups I play with, we have "Show me the Money". Part of the prize money is rolled with a rubber band around it. When a player has 3 nines, they can call "Show me the Money" after trump has been called to receive the "wad". This moves from player to player during the Euchre tournament and the last player that has it at the end, gets to keep it. This is fun because even though you don't have a great hand, which consists of 3 nines, you get to shout "Show me the Money" and collect the prize! …. even if it's only temporary LoL

Have you done something FUN at a Euchre Tournament that you would like to share? ... or perhaps you have a creative idea of your own! Feel free to join in the FUN and submit ANY idea that you have!!

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NOTE: By posting a comment with your FUN Euchre idea (and completing all 2 requirements), you will be entered in our random giveaway and agree to allow EuchreFun to possibly include your idea in a future Blog Post.

Euchre Tournament

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  1. FUN Euchre Ideas submitted by Pat L
    1. Play Euchre with Bingo
    The top part with the card marking is for the euchre pot at the end of the night. We flip 8 cards each even round and who ever get all of them marked off their card wins the euchre pot at the end of the night.

    2. "Duck" Game
    Each player puts a dollar into the duck to start of the tournament. When a player goes alone and takes all 5 tricks and scores 4 points, that person gets possession of the duck. When someone goes alone and gets euchred or less than 5 tricks, that person has to "feed the duck" one dollar. The person with possession of the duck when play stops at the end of the night gets to keep the money in it.


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