Five Favorites - Christmas

Christmas is a special time of the year! Here are some of my favorites for Christmas ...

1. Our Nativity

Christmas Nativity
Our Nativity is one of my favorite things of Christmas! When we first got married, we purchased these figurines from a catalog. They were so beautiful that I also purchased a set for my parents and grandparents. When my children were younger, they had their own nativity with pieces that they could touch. There is something peaceful about gazing upon this beautiful scene as we remember the TRUE reason for the season!

2. Family

Christmas is a time for family! I realize that for some the "expectations" of the season can be a lot and family gatherings can be a challenge. These are times we can extend the "spirit of Christmas" to others. We enjoy celebrating Christmas with our families. There is something special about seeing the "wonder" in the eyes of the children!

3. Holiday Movies

Christmas Movies
Some of the cable TV channels like ABC Family and Hallmark have special movies on the month of December. When my children were young, we recorded some of these favorite movies and only brought them out to watch at Christmastime. They are heart warming and cute stories. There are still new TV movies shown each year before Christmas. So even though my children are now older, I still enjoy watching these movies when I can!

4.  Carols

Christmas Carols
I am not a Christmas carol "fanatic" that listens to carols from November 1 when one of our local radio stations starts playing them!?! But I do enjoy the carols of the season especially when baking or entertaining. We have an internet radio and listen to Pandora so get a nice variety of carols and not the same old usual ones over and over.

5. Decorations

Christmas Decorations
I'm not HUGE into Christmas decorations, but do enjoy some. This is our mantle. In the evening, I especially enjoy the glow of soft white lights with the fireplace and no other lights on. When I told my husband I wanted to wrap the pictures over our mantle for Christmas, he very creatively made styrofoam Christmas "covers" that we can very easily place over our pictures each year.

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