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  1. how do i get euchre rotation cards for 21, 22 or 23 players

    1. Sorry I don't have rotation charts for these numbers of players. One easy alternative would be to use the card method to assign partners. See details here: This page also gives details for doing a rotation of partners by tables. i.e. the losers could always move to the next table and then will be opponents. Losers from table 1 would go to table 2, those from table 2 would go to table 3, etc. The winners would stay at their table and would be opponents for the next round. If you have sit outs, the losers from the last table could sit out and then re-enter the next round at table one.

      You could also use another site to either generate personalized score cards if you want to type in everyone's name or the Vegas Style Score Card if you want generic rotation charts.

      Hope this helps.


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