NEW & IMPROVED Euchre Rotation Charts

When I first started, I published the Euchre Rotation Charts that I had been using for my group until we started having over 20 players. For my Euchre groups we deal around twice, so 12 games are more than sufficient for the time that we have to play. Thus most of my Euchre Rotation Charts only went up to 12 games. Since then, I have found that some of my readers have different preferences. So ...

I have redone all of my Euchre Rotation Charts to better meet everyone's needs :-) The more players there are, the more complicated they get! So MANY thanks again to my husband who is a Microsoft Excel "expert" ... I could not have done this without him!!

For the NEW & IMPROVED Euchre Rotation Charts - if you play all the games on the chart:
  • Players will not have the same player as a partner more than once
  • Players will have every other player as a partner if you play all the games for 8, 9, 12, 13, 16, 17 & 20 player rotation charts. This is not possible in the other rotation charts because of sit outs.
  • When possible, players will sit out the same number of times
  • Usually, if possible, players will not be at the same table more than twice in a row.

My Euchre Rotation Charts are generic so can be used as is with no extra effort involved. I added additional games to many of the Euchre Rotation Charts so that players would have every other player as a partner. Some of my readers prefer to only deal around once and play more games so that players will have every other player as a partner. Feel free to use the charts as they best meet your needs.

Click links above to print the Euchre Rotation Charts. (After opening PDF page, click printer icon to print.) The Euchre Rotation Charts and other printables for your Euchre Tournament or home Euchre card party are available on the Euchre Printables page.

If you have more than 20 players, check out some other options for assigning Euchre partners for a larger group.

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