How to Run a Euchre Tournament

Here is a supply list and steps to run a Euchre Tournament for 8, 12, 16, 20, etc players or any number of players between 8 and 48. For this method, each player plays for themselves and players will have a different partner for each game.

Supply List: 
**Euchre Rotation Charts for up to 20 players
    Options for more than 20 players
**Main Euchre Score Board – print and cut & tape (helpful to tape to posterboard backing)
**Euchre Player Score Cards – one per player
Name Tags – helpful if players don’t know each other

For each table:
     One deck of cards – use 9’s thru Ace’s of each suit, which are 24 cards
     **Euchre Table Score Card – one per table
      Table # marker

If playing for money:
     **Euchre Payout Table
     Prize Envelopes – labeled 1st Prize, 2nd Prize,  etc
     Extra money for change
     Quarter containers for tables

For Tournament:
  • Print all forms needed from EuchreFun-Euchre Printables tab for your Euchre Tournament. (those labeled above with **)  
  • Place items needed on each table. 
  •  Have a table at entrance to check in players. Each player will write their name on a separate line on the Main Euchre Score Board. This will be their number. They will get their own Euchre Player Score Card. Collect $ if playing for money. I find it helpful to have an envelope with extra 5’s and 10’s to make change.
  • If playing for money, use Euchre Payout Table to determine how much to put in 1st – 4th place prize envelopes based on number of players. I think it’s fun to have a last place prize for the player with the lowest score. They receive a complimentary $5 prize. If you are collecting a quarter each time a team gets Euchred, you need a small container on each table to put these quarters in. You can also use this container to note the table number.
  • For each game, use the Euchre Rotation Chart to determine which table each player will play at and who will be their partner.
  • For each game, there will be 8 hands dealt. The deal will go around the table twice, with each player getting two chances to deal. One player at each table will record the score for each team after each hand on the Euchre Table Score Card. The person to the left of the scorekeeper deals first, so the 4th and 8th deals will be the person keeping score. To keep things moving along, it is helpful to play "stick the dealer" and force the dealer to call trump if it is not called by any of the other players. After the game is complete, the players will record their score on their own Euchre Player Score Card and the Main Euchre Score Board.  On the Main Score Board, the score for each game is recorded on the “Game” line and a cumulative total is recorded on the “Total” line. Having the scores written down is helpful when questions arise.
  • If the number of players is not a multiple of 8, the players who sit out will receive a certain number of points for the game they sit out. These players can receive 7 or 8 points per game.
  • For a Euchre Tournament, usually with regular-timed play, it takes about 2-3 hours to play 6 games with 8 hands dealt for each game.
  • After all games are complete, the players with the highest total scores are the winners.  They receive the prize envelopes. If collecting quarters for Euchres, those players who did not win a prize envelope would be eligible to win the quarters. You could use the Player Score Cards to select winners for the quarters.


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  1. how does the sit out get back in game. 4 tables of 4 one sit out. do the winners cut to see who sits out next?

    1. Thanks for your question - it helps me know that I need more explanation on this subject in my directions :-) If you are using the rotation sheets, the rotation sheet for 17 people has a sit-out column that rotates players (see here If you are using chips to determine partners, use a sit-out chip. Whoever selects the sit-out chip sits out. The number of rounds and players will determine if players can sit out only once or more than once.

  2. Replies
    1. Rotation chart for 10 players can be found here:

  3. Thank you for these instructions. I'm running a Euchre Tournament for the first time (and haven't ever been part of a tournament before, although I play Euchre). These are by far the best instructions I've seen.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you for you kind words! I'm glad you have found my materials helpful :-)

  5. I am wondering what kind of things can be done if money can't be exchanged where we are playing. What to do for winners,euchres etc?

    1. Some venues that do not have a $ buy in provide restaurant gift certificates for winners.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Replies
    1. See first 2 lines under Supply List: You can either use the Euchre Rotation Charts if less than 20 players or click on Options when more than 20 players. These both explain assignment of partners.

  8. On the table scorecard are we keeping track of hands (win/loss) or tricks we've taken (3-2)?

    1. You are keeping track of the score for the hand - only one team will score - 1 for 3 tricks, 2 for 5 tricks and 4 for a loner. See details on using the forms here:

  9. I played in a fun euchre tournament one year at a party where the rules at each table were different. for example one table, if you spoke, you lost that hand, or one table if you pointed, you lost a had or one table had it that low cards were the highest. Did anyone ever play?


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