Printables for a Euchre Tournament

As my Euchre group grew, more helpful Euchre score sheets were developed to keep things organized and running smoothly at our Euchre Tournaments.

Here are the printable Euchre score sheets and tally cards that you will need for a Euchre Tournament for 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 36 or 48 players or any number of players between 8 and 48. These Euchre score sheets are a great way for an easy start to having a Euchre Tournament.

How to Run a Euchre Tournament

Euchre TournamentThis is the main Euchre Score Board where players will record their scores for the Euchre Tournament. This board can be used for 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 36 or 48 players and up to 12 games of Euchre. For each game, players put their scores for the game in the Game row and have their cumulative total in the Total row.  That way it is very easy to see who has the highest scores. I print out the pages needed and then “cut and tape” the pages together to make a large score board.  I have found it helpful to then put a poster board behind it for support and so the markers do not bleed through.

Euchre Player Score Card

euchre tournamentEach player will have their own Euchre Score Card (tally card) to record their scores for each game of the Euchre Tournament. Then they can transfer their score to the main Euchre Score Board after each game.  At first when we didn’t have as many players, we just recorded our scores on the main Euchre Score Board. As we got more players there was more room for error when players were marking other players scores and we had duplicates of the same name or players would forget to mark their score and then wouldn’t remember what their score was 2 games before!?!  LOL We found that there was much less chance for errors by using these Euchre Score Cards. I suggest printing these on colored paper.

Euchre TournamentUsually when Euchre is played “casually” the fives are used to keep score up to a total of 10.  Using the fives doesn’t work well when dealing around twice. These Euchre Table Score Cards (tally cards) stay at each table and the score for each hand is recorded. Each person gets a chance to deal twice for a total of 8 hands.  The person to the left of the scorekeeper deals first, so the 4th and 8th deals will be the person keeping score. When all 8 hands are completed, a total is entered for each team and then that total is transferred to the players Euchre Score Cards and main Euchre Score Board. I suggest printing these on colored paper.

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Euchre Tournament

euchre tournamentIf you decide to play for money and offer prizes for the Euchre Tournament, this is a handy table to have.  For a $5 buy-in for each player, it lists the amounts for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th prizes as well as last place.  It think it’s fun for the last place player to get their $5 back … it will encourage them to participate again! If you decide to have a $10 buy-in, this Euchre Payout Table will give you a basis to work off of.

You will need a way to number the tables. You can use these Table Number Sign sheets.  I find it helpful to print these on colored card stock and have them laminated for durability and re-use. If you are going to collect quarters when someone is euchred, another possibility for table numbers is to place the number on the quarter container at each table.


  1. Question: I have 22 players and we are playing 10 games progressive regular euchre with the score going to 10 (not 8 rounds) and the winners move to next table. I understand that the winners at the last table get put on a bye (receiving 8 pts) and reenter at table 1. My question is wouldn't every player need to be put on a bye to be fair? Meaning would we have to play more games?

    1. The purpose of giving the players 8 points when not playing is to keep the scores fair, so not necessary to play more games.


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