Five Favorites - Thankfulness

November is a time for thankfulness … here are Five Favorites I am very thankful for ...

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1. Faith
2. Family
3. Friends

When considering what I am MOST thankful for, Faith, Family and Friends are all at the top of my list! I can't imaging doing "life" without any one of these three. I have received so much wisdom and strength from my faith, love and support from my family and hugs and laughs from my friends. They are all an equally important and necessary part of my life. They keep me going!!
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This might seem a little shallow, but I am SOOO thankful for chocolate and couldn't live without it. LoL One of my favorites is the chocolate cake from Maggiano's Little Italy restaurant  in Troy, MI. As you can see, it is AMAZING! … and it tastes as good as it looks!! If you live nearby, you definitely will have to stop in and try it sometime!!

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 5. Music

I have always enjoyed music. I like listening in my car or while making dinner or doing chores around the house. It lightens my spirit and certain songs can bring back fond memories.  My choice depends on what kind of "mood" I'm in. Country is my favorite, but at times some Motown, praise music or good old fashioned rock & roll is great!

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