Five Favorites for Winter

OK I am a sun and sand kinda girl. So saying Winter and Favorites in the same sentence is a stretch for me!! LoL But when I gave it some thought, there were a few things that I could think of as Winter Favorites ...
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At the top of my list is our fireplace! We have a wood-burner insert so we enjoy the warmth and coziness that the fire brings on the cold days of Winter ... especially this year!!

"Magical" Snow

When the snow is falling in large flakes straight down without any breeze, my husband and I call this "magical" snow because it reminds us of those movie scenes when something "exceptional" happens during one of these times of snow. It's hard to capture, but here's a little peek during one of our recent snow storms.
Raspberry Chocolate Hot Cocoa
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I am not a coffee lover either. Quite a while ago one of the fast food restaurants had something called White Chocolate Raspberry Cappuccino. I LOVED LOVED it since it was so flavorful, but didn't have any coffee taste as many cappuccinos do. They discontinued it, but I did find something close made by Land-O-Lakes. Treat yourself and give it a try sometime!!
Fresh Snow
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A few weeks ago we had ALOT of snow (AGAIN!?! LoL) and it happened to be on a Saturday so we were able to enjoy a walk among the snowflakes. I took this picture near the park in our subdivision. The snow hadn't been "trampled on" yet and was beautiful on the trees.

Winter Comfort Food

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In the Winter one of my favorite things to do is to turn on the oven for an easy Sunday dinner that bakes itself and fills the house with warmth and savory smells! One recipe that I like to make is Spanish Steak. It is shown here displayed on one of my friendly "Let it Snow" snowman placemats which help brighten up our Winter :-) 

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What are your winter favorites?

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