9/29 Euchre ... Tuesday Tip

I thought it would be FUN to have Tuesday Tips to share some interesting Euchre tips ... of course on Tuesdays!

You actually shouldn’t “always count on your partner for at least one trick.”

Euchre TournamentThis one’s a myth you’ll hear from all levels of players. The thought is that regardless of what you call for trump, your partner should have at least a high enough card to take a trick. Let’s face it though, the Euchre fairy can be fickle! Even when you have a couple of aces in your hand, depending on where the lead comes from (anywhere but immediately to your left), you just don’t know what the next player has. And unfortunately, sometimes your partner doesn't have "anything" of much value to help you.

Counting on a partner for at least one trick has burned many great euchre players. Calling trump on this myth could lead to you getting Euchred.

 Adapted from: http://www.awesomemitten.com  by Dan Moyle

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