10/13 Euchre ... Tuesday Tip

I thought it would be FUN to have Tuesday Tips to share some interesting Euchre tips ... of course on Tuesdays!

When possible, lead big.

Euchre TournamentLead with a singleton off-suit ace, if you have one. If no other cards of that suit are in your hand, there is a higher probability that they are in your opponents’ hands, preventing them from trumping your ace. On the opening lead is your best chance for an ace to make it around the table and win a trick. 

If you have more than one other card of the same suit as an ace, do not lead with that ace. With only six cards in a suit, if three of them are in your hand, chances are good that one of your opponents will be void in that suit and can trump your ace. Pay special attention to the “next” suit, the same-color suit as trump. Since the left bower switches suits, this suit only has five cards, and thus even if you hold only an ace and one other card in that suit, leading the ace will often be an invitation for your opponents to trump you. In this case, save your ace for later and hope it can win a trick once trump is all drawn out.

Keep in mind even with these considerations, your ace has a better chance of getting trumped if your opponents have called trump.

 Adapted from: http://www.awesomemitten.com  by Dan Moyle

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