Trickster - Online Euchre with Friends

Trickster - Online Euchre 
with Friends

I know as we are all "staying home & staying safe", many of us are missing our friends and playing Euchre. Have you heard of Trickster Euchre? We tried it recently and have been having SO much FUN! 

Access Trickster from

This is the first screen. Trickster offers 9 different games to play. You can choose your game of choice or at the upper right corner you can click "Learn How to play?" for instructions for each game or "Play Now on this site" to play one of the games. See the other post on Trickster - Online Euchre for more details on playing with other available players on Trickster or against the computer.

To play with your friends, you will have to Sign Up and enter your email and create a profile with a Player Name.

Online Euchre
On the next screen, for Euchre there is an option to play with your friends that you know.
        JOIN a game with friends

The first friend will have to CREATE a Euchre game. They will click on More Games/Rules to choose what game rule options you would like to play with (see below). Then click CREATE to create a game for other friends to join.

Online Euchre

Trickster Euchre
You can choose what game rule options you would like to play with and click Create to start a game. This is different because it gives your game some added FUN that we usually don't play with in person. Some options we have tried and enjoyed are below.  Try some of your own and see which ones you like!

Go Under - if you have 9's & 10's you will have the option to switch your cards with  the cards in the kitty and then discard 3 cards
No Trump Bid - you can bid No Trump so then the highest card played will take that trick
Call for Best - When you go alone, your partner will pass you their best card, then you can discard 1 card. 

After the first friend has created a Euchre game, they will click on "Invite Friends". This will open a panel on the left and display a 5-character join code to share with friends.

The other friends joining the game will click on "I have a Join Code" and enter the 5-character join code. Then all friends will be in the same game. You can click "Move Here" to change partners. If you don't have 4 players, Trickster will provide computer players for the missing players.

Online Euchre
By clicking the chat bubble at the upper right corner, you can chat with other players during play by clicking either emoji faces or chat preset statements. When playing with friends, we have put all players on a conference call to be able to chat with each other while playing. We have also enjoyed trying out some of the other games on Trickster for some variety.

Playing Euchre on Trickster is FUN, but of course it isn't as great as being together in person! For now it's the best we can do to stay connected!

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