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February is all about Valentine's Day.   So that's a great theme to use for a February Card Party … it’s a natural!  There are so many fun options to include in a Valentine’s Day Theme.  Of course we definitely need candy!  There are sooo many kinds to choose from … why not settle on your favorite. Balloons and plates and napkins with hearts will add to the festivities.  

For my February daytime women’s Euchre group I had everyone bring a Valentine’s Day card.  Since some of our members may not receive a Valentine’s Day card, I thought it would be fun to exchange cards among the ladies. 

We randomly assigned who would exchange cards, gave some time to write a greeting in the card and then exchanged cards. It was a great opportunity to meet some of our new members and reconnect with some of our “regulars”.  Personally, I chose a funny card, since we can always use a good laugh!! The recipient of my card did enjoy it.

Euchre TournamentDo you have Packzi Day where you live??  Here in Michigan Fat Tuesday, which is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, is a BIG deal … it is Packzi (pronounced PUNCH-key) Day!!  Packzi are large Polish filled donuts. They can be filled with Strawberry, Custard, Lemon, Chocolate Mousse, Apple, etc … Many bakeries and stores sell Packzi and they are DEEEElicious!! When I planned our Euchre Tuesday for February, I didn’t realize it, but it fell on Packzi Day … even MORE to add to our celebration!! 

 Please post a comment and let us know if you have Packzi Day where you live or maybe another tradition for this day.

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