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If you want to start your own Euchre group here are some things to consider:
Where to meet?  Perhaps at the community center, multi-purpose room at the library or a local restaurant.  There are lots of restaurants that have private rooms that are happy to allow you to play there either in the afternoon or a weeknight with the purchase of food & drinks. I always visit the location in person to check it out before making reservations for a group. I have received great referrals of possible locations from friends ... ask around.
Time to meet?  Usually you can play about 6 games of Euchre (dealing twice around) in about 3 hours.  So an afternoon Euchre group could meet from 12-3pm or an evening group could meet from 7-10pm.
How many players?  It’s a good idea to set a limit to the number of players you will have for each event.  That way you know the number of supplies you will need for the group. Be ready for possible no-shows.  I always allow a few extra players to sign up just in case.
Are you going to play for money? You will have to decide if your Euchre group will collect a fee and offer cash prizes or just play for fun. You might consider a buy-in of $5 or $10 per person. You will also have to decide if players will contribute a quarter for each Euchre.

Where to find members? If you belong to groups or organizations, spread the word that you are starting a Euchre group. is a great place to start a group.  I have 2 Euchre groups on Meetup that have been VERY successful. Let’s face it, these days the Internet is the first place we start when looking for something. Many members of my Euchre groups found our group on Meetup through searching on Google. They  were not members of Meetup to start with. I know it can be a bit scary at first to think of meeting people from the Internet, but many WONDERFUL and friendly people have joined my groups!! Don’t be afraid … take the leap!!  Meetup offers new organizers half off your first registration fee.  To take maximum benefit of this discount, sign up for one year to start.
Once you have answered the questions above …. you can be on your way to starting a group!!

Click here for materials to use for Euchre Tournaments for your group.

If you are not up to starting your own group, see if you can find one in your area.

Find a Euchre Group

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