Five Favorites .... for Ice Cream!!

With the weather getting warmer,
my attention turns to ice cream ...
so here are my Five Favorites for ice cream!!

Euchre Tournament
  Erma's is open from April 1 to October 31.
If you are in Michigan and close by, you need to
stop at their location in Shelby Township or Warren.
They have 3 special flavors each week. Click here for the list.
All of October is PUMPKIN ... a MUST try!!
One of my favorites is their
Pumpkin Parfait with pecans and caramel!
Euchre Tournament
Whenever we are on a trip, we have to stop at Culvers!
Their Turtle Sundae is my favorite.
Their salads are good too ...
maybe that helps me "justify" the ice cream! LOL
Euchre Tournament
The mini-blizzards at Dairy Queen can't be beat.
They are just the right size to fill that craving
and they have LOTS of flavors!
Euchre Tournament
Gelato ((pronounced jeh-lah-toh)
Gelato is an Italian Ice Cream with a
richer flavor and thicker texture.  It's very smooooth.
If you've never tried it ... indulge yourself!
Euchre Tournament
For a step back in time ... I remember going to Farrell's
for special occasions and having their ZOO!!
There are still Farrell's around,
so stop in for a visit & a yummmmy ice cream treat!!

Check out other Five Favorites at ... 

Euchre Tournament
  Comment below ...
What are your favorite summer "treats"?
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