7/4 Euchre ... Trivia Thursday

I thought it would be FUN to have Trivia Thursday ..... a great chance to test your knowledge of Euchre facts.
Euchre Games
What term is used when a player has a card to follow suit but doesn't follow suit?

renege (pronounced ri-'neg) 

Most online Euchre games have safeguards against doing this, but in a real game you have to pay attention to the cards that are played. You must follow suit and if you can not, then you may trump or throw another suit. Usually regeging is not intentional as reneging on purpose is considered cheating (ie holding back a trump card for later play). Either way, the opposing team is rewarded two points if a renege is caught in later tricks of the same hand.

Image from  http://aprimarysingingtime.blogspot.com
Source of text: http://funtrivia.com

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