July Euchre Party Theme

Euchre Tournament
Here in the US, July 4 is our Independence Day and a reason to celebrate! I know our Canadian neighbors celebrate their Canada Day on July 1. So we can both share this party theme for July!

For this holiday, picnics are common with all the trimmings! This can be a fun Euchre party theme idea. Some possibilities are hot dogs, hamburgers, brats or ribs on the grill. Of course watermelon, baked beans and cole slaw are some of our favorites to include.

We have a great BBQ restaurant near us that sells already smoked meats such as grilled chicken, pulled pork and beef brisket by the pound. For my daytime Euchre group this is an easy way to have our July Euchre potluck. I order the main course of BBQ meats and everyone brings a dish to pass.  

Are there any traditions that you have to celebrate our July holidays that would fit well with a Euchre party?  Comment below and share them with us.

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