"Cold Butt" Euchre

I know, what a HOOT!!  When I read this, I just had to share it with you.  I don't know how much FUN this is, but it sure is FUNNY!!

Euchre Tournament MI

There was actually a "Cold Butt" Euchre Tournament as part of the Frost Fest in February, 2013 in Lansing, MI and in August, 2012 in Milford, MI. All players 
in the Euchre Tournament must be sitting on a block of ice except when changing tables. Personally, I'd rather be sitting on ice in August than February!  I will check up on this for 2013 and let you know if they have it again this August.  Maybe we can get a group from Michigan to attend!?! Any volunteers? LOL

Euchre Tournament MI

Image from http://www.frostfest.org
Image from http://www.milfordmemories.com

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