Five Favorites ... Some Simple Things (vol 1)

Sometimes it's the simple things
in life that are the best ...

A good night's rest
Good Nights Rest
Recently I had a sinus infection and was very congested for quite a few days.  This made breathing difficult especially at night, which made sleeping also difficult. I tried some cold remedies, but they didn't help or made me "jittery". I realized how much I appreciated a good night's rest. Sometimes we don't realize how grateful we are for things until we don't have them! That helped me reflect on other things in my life that I am also grateful for!!

Sateen Sheets
Something that helps make #1-a good night's rest possible is good sheets! Quite a few years ago, I discovered a set of sateen (not satin) sheets in the clearance section of the bedding area of a store. Since they were marked down quite a bit from the original price, I thought I would give them a try. Well, they were WONDERFUL!!  So since then, this is all I buy. They are soft and smooth and feel luxurious! A simple thing of life, but definitely worth the extra money.
Paul Mitchell
Fast Dry Sculpting Spray
Paul Mitchell
I have been using this for at least 10 years and LOVE it ... no muss, no fuss ... I wouldn't think of using anything else!! It is a soft hold that holds your hair very well without feeling "sticky". It also adds great volume.  I bought an 8 oz spray bottle and then a 33 oz larger bottle for refills. Ahhh simple products like this make my life easier!!

Bubble Baths
Bubble Baths
I LOVE bubble baths!! ... they are simple, but SO relaxing!  It's an easy, inexpensive way to escape when life gets overwhelming.  Add some soft music and candles and you won't see me for a while :-)
Reynolds Wrap
Reynolds Wrap
A few weeks ago I made baked fish and WOW was I grateful to Richard S. Reynolds for creating Reynolds Wrap in 1937. It's such a simple thing, but SO helpful.  There was a mess in the pan which was easily removed because I had lined it with Reynolds Wrap!! Such a time-saving product.

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